Twikle Change History

  • The preferences dialog can be opened directly from the view's pulldown menu.
  • Display trending topics above the status edit area.
  • Extended preferences to enable or disable display of trending topics.
  • Autocompletion list will now disappear if user continues typing and no match is found.
  • Improved error handling, refresh-loop won't hang if request cannot be completed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an OAuth nonce sporadically to be used twice, causing some requests being responded with a 401 (Unauthorized).
  • Replaced login with username / password with OAuth authentication (OAuth out of band)
  • Tweets posted with Twikle will now state "Twikle" correctly as the source application.
  • Fixed adding and removing favorites.
  • Fixed cursor navigation in the status editor.
  • Filled the message tab with content.
  • Fixed memory / handles leak, that caused Eclipse to freeze.